Bluffdog FAQ

A maximum of 8 players can play. A minimum of 2 players are required to start a game. Some games such as 7 card will run out of cards with 8 players.

Bluffdog runs in the browser and will work on any system that uses up to date browsers. For maximum compatibility we recommend at least a Windows 10 PC or Mac os10 or greater. Newer Ipads and Android tablets will also work. We have tested Bluffdog on Edge, Chrome and Firefox on PCs and Safari and Chrome on Macs.

The only way to connect a specific group of players is to use a room code that connects all the players to that specific room. We have designed the system for the room codes to be static and represent the host. This allows the host to use the same room code for all games he or she hosts. It also stores all custom created games to that room.

The Bluffdog internal video chat app is adequate for the purpose of audio communications and minimal video (6 frames per second). It is also the only way to use Bluffdog on a tablet without additional hardware. A dedicated app such as Zoom has many more features and superior video quality and reliability. It however increases the complexity to run alongside Bluffdog and adds additional expense. You can use one or the other, not both at the same time.

It is because the first person who signed into that Bluffdog room has a slower or less powerful computer. The first system becomes the master controller and controls all the communications between all the systems. The master system will show a dog icon on the top right of the screen. Any player can become the master controller by selecting that option in the Admin screen. If the game appears to be running slow, switch the master controller to a faster system.

The nuclear reset button next to the logo on the top left will disconnect all players and force everyone to login again.

When Bluffdog detects even a small drop in the internet, it will warn all players and wait 60 seconds. All play should be halted for that time. If the player’s internet is back within 60 seconds the game will resume as normal with no changes. If the player’s internet does not resume in 60 seconds the player will be shown as offline and folded till they return to the game. Their position and scores will all be maintained and they will be dealt back in at the start of the next game. If the player exits by pressing the X in the app they will be removed from the game. The dealer can remove a disconnected player in the Admin menu.

The opening bidder will have flags next to the score panel. If a person has made a bid, the value will be shown at the top of the circle. If there is a raise, a number representing the order of the raises will be on the left part of the circle. The bottom of the circle will show the current outstanding bid.

The background color will always be white unless the player is a dealer or bidder. If it is the players turn to bid, the background will be green. If the player is a dealer the background will be yellow. The score panels will also be green for bidders and orange for dealers.

You can change the colors for clubs and diamonds by selecting the 3 colored circle icon on the top right panel. Adjust the sliders to your preference. You can also increase the size of the cards by adjusting the slider on the top right next to the exit icon. Be careful not to increase the size to a point it obstructs other information.

The abort button provides 2 options to end the game prematurely. The first option is the split the pot between all active players, if cancelled, the second option will return the scores to the end of the prior game.

Provided you know the room code for the host who created the games, you can load a custom file in Admin by entering the room code. This allows different players to host games and still use one set of custom games.

The dealer can sit out any player in the admin screen by selecting them from a dropdown box. All other players will have to agree for it to take effect. When the player returns he or she can toggle the sit out button and get back into the next game.

External chat apps are much superior in quality and reliability. The internal app uses the user's computer's power to connect to each player individually and can slow down the computer and interrupt the media stream.

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